Monday, December 26, 2011

The Rice (Rise?) of Yok Man (Ip Man?)

Spotted the news "'Meaty' hero sparks excitement online" in The Star Online today. Excerpt:
"KUALA LUMPUR: An uncanny bak kwa superhero has burst into the social media scene, leaving almost half a million Internet viewers agape with the made-in-Malaysia cartoon hero."

"The Rice of Yok Man (loosely translated as “the rise of meat man”) is a four-minute video about flat-faced Yok Man, whose character was inspired by the dried sliced meat (known as bak kwa) taking the form of famous Wing Chun martial arts master Ip Man."

"The story is set against a hypothetical backdrop of World War II, with the Japanese portrayed as having the desire to conquer the Malaysian food industry."

"A food war ensues between the Japanese warlords (who take the form of a sushi and a tempura) and the Malaysian camp , represented by Yok Man and his martial arts compatriots, the egg-head named Double-Yolk Egg and the feminine Seremban Siew Bao."

"Witty lines in the Cantonese dialect lace the interactive video, which requires viewers to click the pause and mute buttons to assist Yok Man in winning his fight."

"The video with English and Chinese subtitles was created as a publicity gimmick for a local dried meat company."
Full new here. Watch the video below:

The original video can be viewed at Last I checked, there's about 518k+ views with 214k+ likes. :)

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