Thursday, February 5, 2009

For Sabahans only! ;)

My definition for Sabahan:
(1) Born in Sabah; and/or
(2) Of Sabahan parent/s; and/or
(3) Consider self Sabahan ;)
(4) Commented/shouted by me; OR
(5) Commented/shouted/"punched" me ;)


GregChai (kupi o kaw kaw)
Jacq (Juz Random Thoughts) [she has so many blogs] ;)
KadazanMan (Kadazan Man in New York) link
Carolyn Colyn's Corner
Kay (I am Kay)
Hanah (Hanah is Unpredictable)
D.L. Sumunie (Her Interest & Life Stories)
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Clarice (Her Journey)
SuelynJB (My Photo Page)
Angel Bear (Her Thoughts, Words & Life)
Dusun Aroma
C.Alv.B (I'm No One)
Page will be updated regularly!
Edited: May 24, 2009.


JACQ said...

we're supposed to just tag sumbody who's sabahan, right? Just follow ur definition can? hehe..

KY Chua said...

Nooo! It's supposed to be your definition of Sabahan. Please check KadazanMan's definition for example. ;) Cheers! :p