Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Darwinism and Pervertism (?)

Darwin –– BTW, we’re supposed to celebrate his 200th, er, is it birthday or death day? I forgot actually. –– had never mentioned the word “pervert” in his “Origin of Species,” nor in any of his other publications… The only excuse for me to use the flashy title is because the author of Why Women Think Men are Perverts, Jerry Wilson, related our (ahem, men’s) pervertism to evolution. He wrote:
“The real answer (why man are pervert?) ... lies with evolution. In the earliest history of humankind, it was the male's responsibility to make sure the species was promulgated. It was the man's duty to successfully breed with as many females as possible. He was genetically inclined to reproduce with reckless abandon.” (Text in italic is mine.)
Basically, men are genetically perverted and reckless! o_0 (one eye raised). Female, on other hand:
“… were genetically predisposed to seek out the single male that she thought would give her the best and strongest children. And then, her job was to stay at home and raise her family. This behavior was not something she considered consciously; it was simply pre-programmed in her genes. Genetically, she was not interested in having many partners in rapid succession. She simply wanted the best man to get her pregnant, after which time she would refuse sex until she was ready for her next child. In prehistoric times, it was nature's way of making sure the species survived.”
Meaning what? Women are genetically choosy??? ;) Yes, I have taken him out of context, I know! :)

So, in the end, would you proudly declare that you are a pervert?! Or, that you dare to declare pervertism is normal?! For me: “HELL NO!” :) Perhaps I prefer to be hypocrite than honest... ;) BTW, I don’t appreciate to be compared with an ape. :D Cheers! ;)

P/S: BTW, Jerry Wilson is the owner of Over Coffee blog and the quotes are taken from Voize.my!

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DeePo said...

actually it's true...it's in genetic...i learnt about this when i was in first year n my prof talked about it....haha