Friday, February 20, 2009

Passionate Kiss

You have watched this on National Geographic. So, here's the text:
"A passionate kiss will
Burn about 6.4 calories
Use 34 face muscles
Make your heart beat faster
Your breathing deeper
Your pupils dilate
Exchange millions of bacteria
Enough saliva to prevent tooth decay
A kiss
Relieves tension
Slows the ageing process
Boosts self-esteem
It's good for you
Kiss again
Think again"
(Emphasis is mine)

Please, this is NOT a license for you to kiss irresponsibly and indiscriminately! ;) Only kiss your wife/hubby or your loved ones, if s/he consents, and if you don't have dangerous & infectious oral disease! Be a responsible kisser, spread the love, and world peace! :D


GregChai said...

good info ...

i like the ending note, a good reminder, hopefully those Romeo wanna be out there will read this :D

DeePo said...

i think first kiss on wedding day is the most precious....haha...

KY Chua said...

Greg: I wonder which ending note that was... :p

DeePo: Perhaps you're right. ;) Though I thought the kiss on wedding day is a nervous -(and not forgetting to mention also clumsy)- one, or so I was told. :D

DeePo said...

nervous maybe....but it's a precious time, and u wont think about others haha.......unless that person u married IS NOT the one....haha...just merely my opinion lar...different ppl different feeling...i guess