Thursday, April 30, 2009


Should I tell her or not? Hmm. Nope! Can’t bear the embarrassment. :D

The other day I got a “frantic” SMS from my “potential” GF. :D Said she was stranded somewhere. So I asked her if she’s alone and if she’s still there. She said she’s with her sis (half relieved already) and they “WERE” waiting for cab.

I didn’t ask further, borrowed my uncle’s car and drove straight to her place. En route there I SMSed her to wait for me. No respond after 5 minutes. I was getting worrier (I was worried already.)

Drove top speed and reached the place but no one was there. I was worried sick! Called her hand phone, no reply. Then suddenly, she SMSed, “I'm at home. Where are you?”

I SMSed back, “Oh, I thought you’re stranded here!”

“No! I said we WERE stranded. Now, where are you?”


“Good night then.”

“Good night.”

Ah, just another boring story. Well, at least she’s safe. :D

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Dato' Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein (nothing really, just a question of rumour about Immigration Department's Irregularity)

[UPDATED: 02 May]
Bernama reported (1 May):

The Cabinet has decided to defer temporarily the implementation of the foreign worker levy hike, Human Resource Minister Datuk Dr. S.Subramaniam said.

"The Cabinet felt that it was not the right time to implement the levy hike on foreign workers due to the uncertain economic situation,"

"With this decision, the implementation of the doubling of levy payment for foreign workers will be deferred temporarily until the economy improves," he said.

My comment: Then my request considered scrapped for now. ;)

[UPDATED: 25 April]
The news is confirmed already. Daily Express reported (25 April) in a very small paragraph:

"Meanwhile, in a statement the levy for foreign workers in the services, agriculture and factories sector will be increased effective May 1, this year."

However, the "rumour" of the different levy increase between the two agriculture sectors are still the same. If someone can correct me I'll be happy to add it here. ;)

First of all, allow me to congratulate Dato’ Seri on your appointment as Minister of Home Affairs Ministry. It is hoped that you will do as excellent as or better than the previous administration.

Now, to the task. I heard a “rumour” that spreads like wildfire. Nothing scandalous or mind-boggling really. (No, not like the bribery investigation of the department director/s.) Just that the last time when the then DPM (now PM) presented the Mini Budget (Financial Stimulus), he said ONLY the foreign worker’s levy for service sector would be raised (and 100% at that) which causes much furore from the service sectors especially from the restaurant owners.

The “rumour” I heard indicated that NOT ONLY the foreign worker levy from service sector would be increased 100% but also from and [KY: Edited 24 April] the manufacture sector and but also from [KY:Added 24 April] SMALL SCALE (less than 100 acres) AGRICULTURE sector. Starting 1st May 2009, all foreign worker employers from those sectors mentioned were needed to pay additional 100% the cost of levy aside from the usual fees. Exceptions were given to the construction and LARGE SCALE (100 acres or larger) AGRICULTURE sectors.

I am not against the notion that the employers should employ local instead of foreign workers. However, I would like to quote from an employer, Mr YS:

“Kalau pekerja tempatan boleh diharap kami tak bising punya. Ini! Baru kerja dua bulan sudah berhenti!” (If local workers can be depended then we have no qualm one. This! Just after a couple of months work they quit already!)

No, if I know Mr YS well, he isn’t the one who treat his worker badly. In fact, he rewards his workers by their work performance, accordingly and generously, even more so if the workers are local. According to another employer, Mr G, not all but most of the available meagre numbers of (former) local workers actually:

1. Demand more wages.
2. Demand more day off.
3. Do less work (less productive).
4. Have habit to disappear once supervisor is away.
5. Have habit to steal from employers.

Well, I could add more, but I’m sure you see what I mean. I know there are some fair employers (and unfair ones at that) and hardworking local workers out there. However, the case of bad impression of the local workers is not something that can be overlooked or brushed away. Okay, I’m straying from the main question.

The point is, if the department wanted to (according to that “rumour”) double the levy for hiring foreign workers, they should be FAIR to all. Supposedly you ask, “How unfair?” I suppose I can provide you with a table for comparison (based on Tawau Immigration Department Fee):


Usual Fee (RM)

Additional Fee (RM)

Total (RM)

Percentage Increase




Agriculture (Small-scale)







Agriculture (Large-scale)




























If you can see from the table, all 3 double levy sectors have increase of at least 45% cost. However, please check between the two different scale agricultural sectors. The small-scale agriculture employers need to pay MORE than their large-scale agriculture “counterpart”. Talk about helping small time/scale agriculture! Sorry if I appear to be “shouting”. ;)

So, Dato' Seri, since Immigration Department is under your Ministry, can you confirm or deny this irregularity (with explanation how this “rumour” arise if it’s okay with you), and possibly (if confirmed that is), can you influent to have them fixed/amended (fairly), or postponed (which is preferable)?

Thank you for taking your time to look into this insignificant inquiry.

KY (An insignificant voter) ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Penrose Sudoku, anyone?

Almost like the normal sudoku, this one got 8 column/row equivalent, if you're able to see it, that is. :D

First published by Onigame I think. You can check the original post here.


The rules are pretty much same as a normal sudoku. Fill in the cells with numbers 1-8 so that every region contains all numbers 1-8, every row contains all numbers 1-8, and all columns contain all numbers 1-8.

The only catch is that "rows" and "columns" zigzag a bit using 5-way symmetry.

A good way to think about it goes like this. Imagine trying to figure out what a "row" is in a normal sudoku. You start with a cell on an edge. Imaging "entering" that edge and exiting out the other edge parallel to that; you'll get the next cell in the row. Now continue across and exit across the next edge parallel to that, and you get the next cell in the row. Eventually, after crossing a series of cell-edge-cell-edge (where all the edges you cross are parallel), you'll exit out the other side. That's what a "row" is.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Awang oh! Awang - Bukan Cerita Kanak-kanak

Wake up on boring Sunday. My first act was to check the news today from The Malaysia Insider. Stumbled upon this unlikely news. “Believe it! You moron!” I heard myself talking back to me. Since I have nothing better to do, I’ve decided to write this piece of crap. Not that anyone will read this junk I think. It may even be considered racist, I am actually hoping for the word “insignificant”. Ah well, why don’t I just go ahead and see for myself? ;)

Awang oh! Awang. He did it again (provoking other races’ intellect)! Said he wasn't surprised with their reaksi keterlaluan (excessive reaction?) of the headline story. Sure, only someone who was PREPARED to face such reaction would not be easily surprised, which means the person had DELIBERATELY done the very thing that led to the EXPECTED reaction.

Said the report was disalah tafsir (taken out of context?) and digambarkan seolah-olah satu provokasi kepada kaum lain (depicted as if it was a provocation to other races?). No comment there old boy. Whatever the front pager means was not CLEARLY stated in the front page headline. How can people know what was ACTUALLY MEANT when the front pager wrote something but it ACTUALLY MEANT something else?

Said the report was only as response to the various statements and demands by certain parties (whoever you mean) including akbar bahasa ibunda (non-Malay press?) and blogs. Claimed that the headline story (only?) encouraged Malays to be united in the context of “Malay Unity is the tonggak (foundation? pillar?) for Stability for All Races” in this country. (Running back to fetch the April 15 newspaper.)

Er, which paragraph did you say as your claim? There are only few statements that MAYBE says what you mean:

1. Ketua Pembangkang Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor, Datuk Seri Dr. Mohamad Khir Toyo berkata, hak orang Melayu tidak harus dilepaskan dalam usaha kerajaan memenuhi kehendak masyarakat pelbagai kaum. (Selangor DUN Opposition Leader, said, Malay’s rights should not be dilepaskan (sacrificed? “released” sounds very inappropriate.) in the efforts of government to fulfill the demands of multiracial community.) [Nah, I don’t think this is what you mean.]

2. Timbalan Presiden Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS), Syed Anuar Syed Mohamad berkata, walaupun kerajaan mahu menekankan konsep Satu Malaysia yang menyatukan rakyat pelbagai kaum, langkah juga perlu dilakukan bagi mengembalikan keharmonian di kalangan orang Melayu sendiri. (Deputy President of GPMS said, even though government wants to stress the concept of One Malaysia that unites the multiracial rakyat, steps to return the harmony within Malays themselves need to be done.) [Nope! Don’t think this one either.]

3. [3 paragraphs in one] Ketua Umum Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu (BBPM), Osman Abu Bakar yang sependapat dengan GPMS berkata, ... kerjasama antara dua parti politik itu bukan sahaja akan memberi faedah kepada orang Melayu sahaja tetapi juga kaum lain. Tambahnya, penyatuan UMNO dan Pas perlu menjadi batu loncatan untuk mengeratkan semua rakyat berbilang kaum di negara ini. (OAB (General Leader?) of BBPM said ... cooperation between the two parties (UMNO and PAS) will not only benefit the Malay but also other races. He added, the unity of UMNO and PAS needs to be the stepping stone to strengthen (the relation) of all races in this country.) [Ah, perhaps THIS is what you mean. But then why single out only TWO parties? What of Malays from OTHER parties? It must have hurt their feeling by leaving them out.]

He asked is it wrong if Malays are united and why gundah (feeling discomfort/disgruntled?) of Malay unity? No at all, old boy. ;) United THEY should (not you of course since you are already IN and not OUT), for the good of the country. People only gundah if you INCLUDE Malay Unity (although most of the time your newspaper articles stop at the word Malay, the unity thing only sometimes mentioned) and VERSES other races in the same sentence, or in the same context. Shall I quote from the headline story? Ah, I’m sure you know that already. ;)

[Skip 2 paragraphs] No comment on that. One Malaysia is a “new” concept proposed by PM. So everyone has his/her own interpretation, or misinterpretation (if others disagree with someone’s interpretation), of the concept. Can’t really blame Awang if he just senyum sambil geleng kepala (smiled while shaking his head), on top of feeling of menghairankan (flabbergasted/astonished?), of others’ evaluation and analysis and attempt to relate 1Malaysia concept and the report (he used mengaitkanNYA, not sure NYA means the report or something else).

Said he, the (sad) reality of today, Malay press seakan perlu tunduk kepada tekanan gerakan politik bukan Melayu (seemed they have to bow to the pressure of Non-Malay political movement). Not really. You have done everything in your power to continue publishing, er, “may be misinterpreted” to seditious and racist articles.

Said he, “Jika akhbar berbahasa ibunda menyiarkan laporan dan berita yang amat berbaur perkauman, ia hanya dianggap sebagai kebebasan media atas nama demokrasi. Tetapi jika akhbar Melayu melaporkan suara isi hati orang Melayu dan adakalanya menyanggah tuntutan keterlaluan kaum lain, ia dituduh rasis.

(If non-Malay press publishes SUPER RACIST (can’t help myself choosing this word LOL!) reports and news, it is considered freedom of press in the name of democracy. BUT if Malay press voices the isi hati (desire? thought? aspiration?) of the Malay which is sometimes menyanggah (contradictory? in disagreement? at odds?) with the UNREASONABLE demands of other races, we are accused of being racist.)

Fair argument Awang. Now you’re talking sense. Of course, we may disagree to the FINER POINTS of what UNREASONABLE DEMANDS you mean. For the sake of racial harmony, I’ll agree with you NO ONE should “play” at racism in the name of democracy and freedom of press. Yes, that’s including you and me and the others. ANYONE playing at racism should be PROSECUTED and not PROTECTED. So, you see, not all people are as UNREASONABLE as such the ones that you have met. Er, did you say there’re MILLIONS of them out there? ;)

He said we (I think he mean the ACCUSERS) should make our own research and assured us it will ABSOLUTELY surprise us. He related a friend’s statement, “Laporan mereka jauh lebih dahsyat seolah-olah Malaysia bukan negara pelbagai kaum.” (Their, meaning non-Malay’s, news report are more dahsyat (worse? slanderous? seditious? ULTRA RACIST?) as if (depicting) Malaysia is not multiracial country).

Again, fair argument Awang. No surprise though. We all know there are some IRRESPONSIBLE people out there writing/saying UNETHICAL and RACIST reports or remarks without REGARDS of social harmony. But then again, I hope you can treat this matter as a WHOLE. Not just NOT-UNETHICAL akbar Melayu verses UNETHICAL akbar bahasa ibunda. What about the seemingly disalah tafsir UNETHICAL akbar Melayu?

Said he, “Pada Awang, sebahagian media berkenaan memberikan banyak isyarat berbeza dan mengelirukan. Dalam mereka mendakwa mendokong kerajaan, ia tidak dicerminkan dengan laporan yang secara konsisten boleh dibaca membawa agenda berlainan. Pun begitu, tidak timbul desakan agar para pemimpin Cina mengawal akhbar mereka.”

(To Awang, SOME of those media gives contradictory and confusing indications. While they claim to be supporting the government, their reports are inconsistent (with their claim) and appear to have different agendas. Even then, there’s no insistence/pressure for the Chinese leaders to control their press.)

Ah, now Awang makes his point clearer. No just ANY non-Malay press but SPECIFICALLY the Chinese press, or rather, CHINESE-CONTROLLED PRESS. Why didn’t you say earlier, Awang oh! Awang? Are you playing teka-teki (guessing games) with the readers. You must have a very crooked sense of humor. ;) So, those presses are flip-flopping with their LOYALTY you said? To whom did you say again? Ah, to the government! Thank you for clearing up that one too. Nasib baik (fortunately) you didn’t say disloyalty to the King and Country. ;)

He questioned, “Persoalannya apakah perlu ada piawaian berbeza antara media Melayu dan bukan Melayu? Akhbar Melayu tidak boleh lantang sementara akhbar bukan Melayu mesti diberi lebih kebebasan?” (The question is, is there need to have different standard between Malay media and non-Malay media? So, Malay press cannot be lantang (critical? or loud?) while non-Malay press must be given more freedom?”)

Fair question, Awang. Had you not mentioned this I would NEVER have known there are already different standard between the two medias! Now I know that Malay press is suppressed while the non-Malay press is running amok of unrestricted freedom. Perhaps the government should fix that either by (1) giving both the SAME freedom of press or (2) SUPPRESS both seemingly “misinterpreted as” UNETHICAL and RACIST publications. What do you say in that? It is a very fair solution, right?

Said he, “Malah pada hari ini, semua orang tahu, akhbar bahasa ibunda jauh lebih bebas dan berani memperjuangkan kepentingan kaum mereka berbanding akhbar bahasa Melayu. Apakah kebebasan yang mereka nikmati itu mahu dibiarkan untuk melenyapkan akhbar bahasa Melayu?

(Even today, everybody knows non-Malay press has been far freer and bolder in fighting for the interest of their races COMPARED TO the Malay press. Does the freedom they enjoy mahu dibiarkan(can be allowed?) so that they can wipe out Malay press?)

(1) That everybody knows: true. (2) That non-Malay press is freer and bolder: true. (3) That COMPARED TO: true. (4) That Wipe out Malay press: Huh? Does he mean Non-Malay press’ “Freedom of Press” EQUALS Wiping Out of Malay press? You must have been withholding certain evidences that can unearth this Conspiracy to Wipe Out Malay press, or you’re just being over suspicious type, and blatantly accuse the non-Malay press of this.

Said he, “Sememangnya ada gerakan terancang terutama parti pembangkang tertentu untuk melemahkan akhbar Melayu khususnya Utusan atas muslihat politik. Ini kerana Utusan selama ini menjadi wadah mempertahankan kepentingan Islam dan Melayu atas rasa tanggungjawab untuk menjamin keharmonian pelbagai kaum.”

(There’s been a choreographed movement especially from certain opposition parties to weaken the Malay press and especially Utusan in their political maneuvering. This is because Utusan has been (forever) a vanguard to protect interest of Islam and Malays in the sense of responsibility to guarantee the multiracial harmony.)

I can’t disagree with you there’s probably movement to weaken Utusan (specifically) but Malay press as whole? *Shrug* So, you do feel responsible in guaranteeing multiracial harmony. It’s just you have been giving, quoting you, “isyarat berbeza dan mengelirukan” (confusing and contradictory gesture). What you did doesn’t reflect what you mean.

Said he, “Pendirian syarikat akhbar ini cukup jelas dan konsisten iaitu menolak ekstremisme kaum dan agama sepanjang 75 tahun sejarah penubuhannya. Sebab itu, Utusan mendokong Umno yang mengamalkan pendekatan kesederhanaan berbanding parti tertentu sebelum ini yang membawa aliran ekstrem.

(Our stand is very clear and consistent in rejecting racial and religious extremisms for the 75 years of its existence. That’s why Utusan supports UMNO who practices moderation approach compared to certain parties that previously brought extreme flow.)

Ah, you manage to raise my eyebrows. You support moderation you said? Should I say “No comment?” Senyum sambil geleng kepala.

Said he, “Dasar Umno itulah yang menjadi payung berlindung kepada masyarakat pelbagai kaum. Kepimpinan negara dan juga Umno mengambil pendirian yang berani dalam melawan ekstremisme biarpun terpaksa bertembung dengan sebahagian orang Melayu. Dalam hubungan ini, Umno yang memulakan perkongsian kuasa dengan kaum lain sehingga berdekad-dekad lamanya dituduh bekerjasama dengan golongan kafir.

(UMNO fundamental is the thing that protects multiracial community. The country leadership and UMNO take a bold stand to fight extremism even though they had to confront part of (other?) Malays. In this context, UMNO was the one who started the power sharing with other races and for decades she has been branded collaborating with the non-believers.)

Said he, “Umno juga berjaya menghalang kelompok pelampau yang mahu kekayaan negara dibolot oleh Melayu sebagai kaum teras di negara ini.” (UMNO also succeeded in preventing extremist groups that wanted to rob country riches for Malay as the core race in this country.)

He exclaimed, “Tetapi siapa peduli kepada hakikat sejarah itu termasuk sumbangan Utusan?” (But who cares about this historical fact and what Utusan has contributed?)

Not me. I certainly acknowledge UMNO’s contributions from before Independence until recently.

Said he, “Awang tidak berhajat untuk mengulas panjang kerana akur nasihat Najib agar semua pihak termasuk media tidak memainkan sentimen perkauman. Tiada siapa harus ambil mudah seruan beliau. Apa yang Awang nyatakan tadi sekadar luahan untuk renungan bersama.

(Awang doesn’t want to make long review because I listen to PM’s advice that all parties including the media not to play racial sentiments. No one should take his appeal lightly. What Awang said just now was only his thought expression for mutual reflection.)

Agree. We all should definitely listen to him. Let me rephrase that, we ALL (including you) should definitely listen to him. Expression of thought is okay, just try to be diplomatic sometimes, same to all the others of course. ;)

Said he, “Inilah masa untuk semua pihak memberikan sokongan padu kepada beliau bagi menangani pelbagai cabaran. Tetapi sokongan itu perlulah ikhlas, bukannya percaturan untuk menguntungkan kaum sendiri sahaja. Najib cukup komited untuk membawa keberhasilan kepada semua kaum menerusi Satu Malaysia.

(This is the time for all party to give support for him to face all challenges. However, the support must be sincere, not just some maneuver to enrich own race only. PM is very committed to bring keberhasilan (success?) to all races though One Malaysia.)

He concluded, “Bijaklah menghargainya.” (Be wise to appreciate it.)

Sure. We all should be wise to appreciate it. ;) BTW, there’s something about your title “Nasib Akbar Melayu” (The fate of Malay press).

Awang oh! Awang. Can Harakah and Suara Keadilan be considered akbar Melayu? I don't think so. Since the government won't give them permission to publish their "paper" daily.

I remember I used to subscribe to Harakah, back when it was allowed to be sold publicly, and they sold like goreng pisang. No, I am not an opposition voter. I just wanted to read what the non-mainstream media said.

Then suddenly, their permit revoked, er, I mean re-defined. From biweekly became bimonthly publication. I believe they were applying for daily publication at that time (so that their papers can be justified as akbar Melayu harian).

"Wow!" I said. That was sure a blow to the opposition (never mind their majority Malay members), in which the ruling government won landslide victory following that. So, I became non-subscriber, reading Harakah, or SK, only when I visited my opposition friends. Now, I haven't been reading Harakah as often since I left peninsular.

So, Awang oh! Awang, what has become of the nasib of akbar Melayu? Why don't you tell that to the publishers of Harakah and Suara keadilan?

Disclaimer: All interpretation/misinterpretation are written in English. Should any discrepancy found the BM version will always govern the meaning and interpretation. I’m sure Utusan people have superior BM than me. ;)

P/S: I should stop doing this. I’m getting tired of sticking my nose into other people’s bickering. ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Men and Kotex

Ask any man, “Will you wear Kotex (pad, not tampon)? ;) If yes for what reason?”

Most will raise their eyebrows, few will say no straight away, some will still say no after thinking for sometime, while the rest will say yes. Let me list my guess of the possible reasons:
  1. For RM100, or more. (With wicked chuckle.)
  2. To prove my “manliness” if challenged. (Flexing his biceps and twitching his pectorialis (chest muscles). I am sure had I let him he’ll sure to demonstrate his little brother’s muscle strength as well.) :D
  3. To satisfy my fetish-ness. (Eyeing me up and down in admiring/appreciative/discomforting way.) ;)
  4. Only in emergency if my (elderly) pampers out of stock. (Looked apologetic and embarrassed.)
  5. For temporary fixing if the right tool is not readily available e.g. as substitute for bandage. (Business-like and no nonsense facial expression looking at me.)
  6. If necessary and for practical purposes. No, not like no. 5. This one you can wear it even if there is other available tool around. For example, if I had abnormal discharge from my anus, I could wear big pampers but Kotex pad is much more, er, of compact size and comfortable to wear, not to mention it absorbs certain amount of liquid, and it doesn’t really show on the outside. ;)
I am listing this for my beloved (brotherly) ones so you don’t need to feel ashamed of wearing one if you have to. Yes. I may tease you, even laugh at you, but that is because you are family who I am fond of, not because I want to demean you. ;)

BTW, I have exhausted my 3 lbs brain. If you think I have missed anything please feel free to tell me. I’ll add your “reasons” on top of the SIX above, credit will be yours of course. ;)

No offense to these people:
  1. Any male human (or his spouse) who wears Kotex pad;
  2. Or the companies that produce pad especially Kotex, and other non-Kotex companies (for not being mentioned);
  3. Or any male who wears tampon (for being ignored in my post) for whatever voluntary reason. :D
Now if I may ask, "Do you wear pantyliner?" :D

Have a nice day and cheeria-cheeria selalu. Cheers! ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Intention to ... kill her (Although she was stabbed 8 times)

Jamaludin Saripudin, 31, accused of murdering a nine-year-old schoolgirl, after raping her.Daily Express today published news coverage of a high court murder trial of Jamaludin Saripudin, 31, who was accused of murdering a nine-year-old schoolgirl, after raping her, titled 'No intention to rape and kill girl, 9'. He serves a 20 year jail term plus 24 strokes of the cane for the rape.

On Wednesday (Apr 15), he told the court that he remembered stabbing a little girl with a knife five years ago but had NO INTENTION TO RAPE AND KILL THE GIRL. Apart from that he claimed it was ALL BECAUSE OF he was high on Syabu.

Perhaps we should put the event in chronological order:

28 hours before murderTook Syabu for 2 to 4 hours at friend's house.
4 hours before murderReturned home. He was "normal but high on Syabu". But was able to take bath and changed clothes.
3 1/2 hours before murderLeft home, said he wanted to go to the city. He remembered wearing a long-sleeve grey T-shirt, a singlet underneath the T-shirt, a pair of light blue jeans and a pair of black shoes. Apart from that, he also brought along a knife which he kept in a black bag, a cloth face mask and a white mask.
1 hour before murderA 9-year-old schoolgirl was taken into the roadside bush, he stabbed her once, the girl screamed, he BECAME SCARED, since he said earlier he had NO INTENTION TO RAPE AND KILL THE GIRL, so the rape must have taken place after the first stab or in between the interval of further SEVEN stabbings.
1/2 hour before murderWitnesses saw the accused walked out of the roadside bush, adjusting his jeans. Not only that, they heard a girl's voice called out "Mama". The witnesses were threatened and forced to flee. [Read here]
Post murderAccused drop a mask and a black bag somewhere.
10-11 hours post murderAccused was apprehended.

I just want to know:
(1) Why brought "a knife which he kept in a black bag, a cloth face mask and a white mask" to the city?
(2) Why pushed the girl into the bush?
(3) Why stabbed her?
(4) Why raped her?
(5) Why stabbed her SEVEN more times?
(6) According to witnesses, the girl might still be alive when they saw the accused. So, why left her to death?

Yeah, yeah! He told us already. He said he was HIGH ON SYABU! I say may he ROT IN HELL! And if Syabu has anything to contribute to his crime, I say, may all the DRUG dealers be put to death, just make it especially the SYABU dealers! Do you know here is one of the cases a case that is so saturated of my Most Hated Crimes?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chicken a la Carte - A short film about the hunger and poverty

Saw this film from Cath J's blogspot, specifically here. I present to you a moving story: Chicken a la Carte - A short film about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization.

From the info box:

This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who lives on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people. Directed by: Ferdinand Dimadura, 2005.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Green Granny does Four-a-Week

Spotted this from today's Bulletin Utama. Forgot the news content, something like, "Nenek mengajar cara berjimat." (Granny teaches how to save money. ;)

From the info box:

Oxfam's "Green Granny" is back with new tips and ideas for living better and saving money. This video introduces the idea of 4-a-week which involves buying more fairtrade, wasting less, buying less meat products and buying more from developing countries.

Worried about climate change? Confused about how your weekly supermarket shop impacts upon the environment? You need a personal shopper. No we're not talking about Gok Wan. We've launched our 4-a-week personal shopper guide. Stick it in your handbag, your manbag, we don't mind. Just make sure it's to hand next time you go shopping. Believe it or not, the small changes you make at the till, can have a real impact on climate change. So here's our 4-a-week, shelf-aware shopping list...

Flowers, Hot Chocolate, Cotton, Teas, Honey, Biscuits, Beer, Wine, that's a list as long as your arm. Fairtrade isnt just about coffee and bananas these days. By buying a Fairtrade product you're guaranteeing producers a good price and working conditions. Don't forget Fairtrade Fortnight, it launches this Sunday and runs until the 8th March. To see how you can get involved with this years campaign go to
Don't B.O.G.O.F, yes you heard us right. Did you know that as a nation we throw away over 20million tonnes of good food a year. Next time you go shopping, think before you buy. Are you really going to eat all that? Leftovers from last nights dinner? Try some of these recipes from

We know what you're thinking, what about all those air miles? But, buying something with the lowest environmental impact doesn't necessarily mean buying local - emissions from transporting food make only around 12 percent of the total.. The people who are being hit hardest by climate change are also the people who depend on us most. Over 1.5 million poor farmers in Africa depend on the UK market to earn a living. So check the label next time you're buying things like rice or beans.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Kebijaksanaan Kaum Cina Berpolitik - A Reply

[UPDATED: 19 April 2009]

Utusan Malaysia/Mingguan (UM) published a "rencana" by BISIK-BISIK AWANG SELAMAT titled Kebijaksanaan Kaum Cina Berpolitik (Chinese's Ingenuity/Wisdom/Brilliancy in Politicking?). I would say I was slightly pissed off. ;) So, I decided I will lift my “apolitical barrier” just this once. :D I hope Awang is reading this. ;)

It was the title that draw my eyes, Kebijaksanaan Kaum Cina Berpolitik. Initially I thought he meant to praise certain Chinese, perhaps even from both sides, in their ingenuity in their political campaign. After I read the whole article, I knew my initial thought was wrong. But then, it’s my fault to think too highly of Awang. I don’t know if Awang is his real name. Heck, I don’t even know if Awang is male or female!

First he wrote that BN losses in the two Bukits are expected. Okay, he didn’t write that. He said it wasn’t surprising at all. Then he supplied why BN lost:
(1) Strong anti-BN sentiments;
(2) (Wrong?) Candidates (from BN? Or Better from opposition?);
(3) Local issues and Hate sentiments played by the oppositions including slander and personal attacks;
(4) BN Chinese (he didn’t say this but he mentioned MCA and Gerakan, both Chinese majority BN component parties) didn’t work as aggressive and as long-hour as opposition (Chinese?).

“Bukanlah kita mahu menuding jari kepada mana-mana pihak tetapi itulah realitinya dan ia menuntut post mortem yang berani.” he wrote. (We don't want to point finger on anyone but that's the reality and it demands a bold post mortem).

I hope he means ALL four list above as the causes of why BN lost, not just the last one, as the title states. BTW, why the need for another post mortem if the main causes are the top 3 above? Would BN win if the BN Chinese work 24-7 and more aggressive? Personally, I doubt it.

“Umno memang perlu berubah tetapi parti komponen yang lain juga perlu berubah. MIC sudah tentu memerlukan perubahan lebih besar terutama kepimpinannya.” He continued. (UMNO needs to change but the component parties also need to change. MIC must need bigger change especially the leadership (level).)

Wow! He must have certain disagreement to the leadership of MIC, even though MIC leadership is their internal matter. I wonder what gives him right to question other people’s household bickering. Granted, he only thinks for the good of the bigger house (BN), one “rotten” house can bring down the whole lot. But then I think MIC members were as happy as they can be, with their own party election finished, they should be no problem right? But then I don’t think Awang will be satisfied by that.

Next, he wrote, “Dengan prestasi hambar itu maka MCA, Gerakan dan MIC tidak berhak untuk membuat pelbagai tuntutan apatah lagi bagi jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri kedua.” (With the disastrous performance, MCA, Gerakan (BN Chinese?) and MIC (BN Indians?) have no right to make any demand especially the DPM post).

So, who will represent the Malaysian Chinese and Indians if not the BN Chinese and BN Indians (even though they may not get the vote of majority) then? Well, he didn’t say that (again!), I have just taken him out of context. But then, it may seem like that right? Who then can make the “demand” or request on behalf of the (mostly opposition?) Chinese and Indians? Surely not from the opposition Chinese or Indians. I don’t think Awang will agree to that either.

Perhaps Awang will supply his suggestion in his next “rencana”. I just hope he won’t say something like:
(1) Chinese/Indian cannot demand anything;
(2) “The Government” will be able to “understand” your need and will be provided as we see fit.
(3) Why? I and certain race are enough to rule all of you! Don’t need all the other “non-my-race” (With evil grin and wicked eyes.)
No, I hope none of the above. ;)

Then, he suggested that UMNO not to heed or give in all demands by other component parties because it won’t help BN to rise again. He further assured that UMNO is still strong despite all the pressures and restrictions (from other component parties?). To give in to the demands is a blunder, he wrote.

Of course, giving in to any unnecessary demand is not only unwise and stupid, but also may be a cause of “Pembaziran Duit Rakyat,” (wastage of people’s money), not to mention being seen as weak! I would say if BN wants to rise again, it will need a TOTAL rebranding, any subtotal effort will just gets them back to square one. I wonder what Awang think about this?

He also mentioned that Malay votes for BN had increased while non-Malay vote shrink. He further claimed that usually non-Malay voters made many demands during the campaign season but their votes were still going to the opposition. He then listed all the “evidences” for his claim including:
(1) RM 1,000,000 for CHINESE schools;
(2) RM 400,000 for TAMIL schools;
(3) Reserve lands claim (Chinese/Indians only? Or including others?);
(4) and tens of other things.

Awang forgot to mention that usually certain candidates previously also made many promises but never deliver them. Oh, I didn’t mean it’s just from certain political party, I mean just about everyone that did this. Of course, perhaps Awang would like to list ALL the promises the opposition fails to deliver first. But Awang, please list ALL the failed promises, okay? Not just from ONE side only. ;)

Ah, we are straying from the story of course. I was telling about the mau pai (Chinese term means counterfeit/bogus/fake) “Aku Janji” (I Promise) by certain voters. So, Awang, an opposition voter cannot demand anything if they don’t vote for BN? Do you mean BN should punish them if they still vote for opposition by not granting their “demands”?

You said, “Apa makna ini semua? Bukankah ia menampakkan BN terus dipermainkan oleh pengundi bukan Melayu. Pada Awang, keputusan kedua-dua pilihan raya kecil itu dan beberapa yang lain sebelum ini adalah isyarat jelas kepada BN supaya jangan lagi terperangkap dengan muslihat sedemikian.”

(What’s the meaning of all this? Doesn’t it show BN was being toyed by the non-Malay voters? To Awang, the results of the two by-elections and few others before this are the signs so that BN must not fall prey with such trickery anymore.)

Wow! You based your claim on the election statistic (increased non-Malays vote for opposition and the reverse to BN) and then went on to say the non-Malays were toying with BN after flip-flopping on their votes thus earned them the “trickster” status? I would say that was an EXCELLENT mathematical deduction! It confounded me how you could see straight to the core of the problem:

“BN lost because of these “trickster” voters (pengundi bermuslihat.”

“Usahlah mengharapkan sangat perubahan sokongan bukan Melayu. Inilah kesan pendekatan politik pemimpin PKR, Anwar Ibrahim yang berjaya menggugat kuasa politik Melayu. Anwar membuka laluan dan Pas membantu.”

(No need to hope for change of support from the non-Malays. This is the effect of the political approach used by PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim that succeeded in threatening Malay political power/authority. Anwar opened the path and PAS helped.)

” Sebab itu, pengundi Cina dan India sanggup memakai logo dan mengibarkan bendera Pas yang diterjemahkan menerusi peti undi. Ia bagi menjayakan agenda DAP dan PKR yang lebih dominan dalam pakatan pembangkang terutama dalam senario politik Perak.”

(That’s why Chinese and Indian voters dared to wear and waves PAS logo and flags, and then translated through the ballot box. It is to realize DAP and PKR agendas (both) who are the dominant ones in the opposition especially in the political scenario of Perak.)

What Anwar did (gaining support from non-Malay) is for the sake of his politic. What is wrong with that? Politic is what you do to achieve certain goals set by the politicians. But then I understand your fear of “diminishing” political power of the Malay. I thought “Malay Supremacy” (if there is such) was protected by the Constitution.

No even Anwar will forsake his Malay status (I think) even though he is more a Malaysian than a Malay (no offense to any Malay). But then WE ARE all more Malaysian then our races indicate. I am a proud Sino-Dusun (that is Bangsa “Dan lain-lain” (Other races) in the official government forms) but I am more proud to be a Malaysian than my race. That doesn’t mean I am less proud of me being a Sino-Dusun, or a Sabahan. I am a Malaysian, a Sabahan, a Sino-Dusun, and a human.

I will not comment further on the rest of your “rencana”. I think, (1) had you not chosen that title I would just let it go. But then you deliberately tried to provoke, I believe certain people, not me of course, and I decide to reply. Yes, I am a nobody. So what? (2) Had you been more diplomatic in your article, I’ll forgive you, but then you were indiscriminately throwing the word Kaum Cina here and there throughout your “rencana”. Now, I was wondering if you have previously experienced of falling out with another Chinese that you deliberately wrote this piece of faecal matter!

Have a nice day! ;)

bashir ahmad commented: (The link on his name goes to Sigh, I thought I could comment on his blog in return.)

Ky Chua, you said it:

``What Anwar did (gaining support from non-Malay) is for the sake of his politic. What is wrong with that? Politic is what you do to achieve certain goals set by the politicians. But then I understand your fear of “diminishing” political power of the Malay. I thought “Malay Supremacy” (if there is such) was protected by the Constitution.''

You're no different from Awang. I'm not sure how many Malaysians think they are Malaysians first and Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Malay etc. second. I believe it's easy to say I'm a Malaysian first. Anybody can claim so, but their hearts are just like you and Awang.

It's for the same reason that the Singaporean Chinese will never allow a Malay to be their Prime Minister. And their present Prime Minister (a Chinese) is honest about it. So what's wrong if Awang is being honest also.

KY answered:

Dear bashir ahmad, Thank you for your view. Though it may not be to my liking. ;)

Perhaps I'm no different from Awang in our conviction. However, when I wrote that (being a Malaysian first), I truly did (and still) believe what I had said.

Nothing is wrong with Awang being honest. In fact, I am (partly) grateful of that. The only thing I objected to his article is he should be specific which Chinese he means. And the title is a little bit too "racist" to my taste. Did he mean it in good faith, or with malicious intent? It was a little too vague.

Malaysia is different with Singapore. Here, if Anwar won, he would be the PM. Or even if a Chinese become a PM, I think it should be a Muslim Chinese (no offense to non-Muslim non-Malay). Then, there's King's decision to be considered.

Finally, should a non-Muslim non-Malay is to be PM, the criterion should be can s/he protect the interest of Islam & Muslim? If s/he can, with the blessing of the King and Rakyat, s/he can be PM.

DeePo commented: (Comment partially shown.)

haha....who reads utusan msia anyway?

KY replied:

DeePo, I hope it's really you, ;) since anyone can use the name DeePo. No comment on that. I believe most columnists/journalists (in this case, "rencana"-ists) are responsible people. Some, I think went the other way. And then, there are responsible Editors/Chief Editors, and others, I bersangka baik (think kindly of them), simply overlook certain articles. ;)

So, read Utusan anyway. They have plenty of good stuffs, especially the Education, World, Science & Technology sections. I improve my BM by reading Berita Harian & Utusan Malaysia.

Then I practice my BM with the BM-speaker, mostly Malays, few other races, but there was one I fondly remember, an Indian BM teacher, Cikgu Mahaletchumi, she spoke BETTER Malay than most people. She was one of the students of, er, should I say, "Supreme" Master/Scholar of Malay language, forgot her name. ;)

BTW, when did this post become BM discussion? :D

DeePo said:'s me...hahaha....both papers are term of other things (except this supremacy-thingy)..but when read about the statement on racial issues, it really disgust me a lot....i just dun understand why always blame this ''kaum2 lain''....reading it always boil my temper...hahaha....lastly, i rarely read it...unless for entertainment corner..haha...

KY replied:

TQ for confirming your identity. ;) Same here (that sentiment of yours)! :D I remember my former teacher (may he rest in peace) once said:

"Kaum di Malaysia terbahagi kepada EMPAT kaum iaitu:

1. Kaum Melayu
2. Kaum Cina
3. Kaum India

(Races in Malaysia comprised of FOUR races: Malay, Chinese, Indian, and OTHER RACES.)

I miss his sarcastic comments... [Added: 19 April 2009] I forgot to add my former teacher was a peninsular Malay but had a very open-minded and compassionate nature.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Double Different Standard in the (Local) Media: The Case of Batang Ai/Air

This is not an attack to the mass media. It’s just an observation, with some unflattering comments of course. ;) I mean NON-FLATTERING comments, sorry for the misunderstanding. :D

I refer to DeePo’s Kopi Sejuk (a.k.a. cold coffee, which incidentally became famous when her post about the plight of Penan girls was highlighted by international media, and later, by our media) Blogspot post “Batang Ai or Batang Air” and "I Want Batang Ai Not Batang Air", the media seems confused which term should be used. Main stream media like Berita Harian prefers Batang AIR while Bernama maintains Batang AI in all the news post.

First, I would like to relate you what the “creator” (which was the Election Committee) of the “Batang AIR” term said:

In simple words: "The place is still Batang AI but the constituency is Batang AIR.” so said the EC person in so many words (more than the text above), responding to the question of the name “Batang AIR” on something they printed (which was probably misprinted or deliberately printed like that in the first place). (Berita Hairan Harian: Ejaan Berbeza Kelirukan Orang Ramai) [The link is broken, but check the Google cache, the news article was indeed there previously. So, alternatively, you can check ibankiih's post at]

I didn't mean this kind of lashing. ;)[Jest intended] Perhaps he should add, “Yes, we have CREATED a new name, so what? There are a lot of Bujang Senangs (can be translated to crocodiles, the correct one, or mistranslated to perverts, the slightly incorrect one) here because there are beberapa BATANG AIR sungai (many rivers) here!” :D Alternatively, he could say, “Please! Don’t LASH at us (and BTW, we are not masochists), we are just using a PRESCRIBED/SUGGESTED name by (name omitted).” [End of Jest] ;)

“Not that Batang! (You sulphur-colour-minded person, I think she said in her mind!)” said DeePo. :D“Not that Batang! (You sulphur-colour-minded person, I think she said in her mind!)” said DeePo. :D

Berita Harian’s Chief Editor, because out of respect or friendship sake (just random guess, mind you), ;) took the term “Batang AIR” into their heart in their posting of all Batang AI/AIR related news. I have the feeling that their Batang AIR term started at the same time as the news of that printed something above (someone correct me please!) though they do not dare to reprint Batang AI to Batang AIR if their news source is from Bernama. ;)

Bernama on other hand has been a faithful “Batang AI”-an (like Sabah and Sabahan, thus the term “-an”) since eternity, figuratively speaking of course. ;) Even after the EC person announcement, she (I liken Bernama to a very attractive, people friendly, assertive and responsible, not to mention honourable, but sometimes aloof lady) was (is) still a “Batang AI”-an and refused (and is still refusing) to be converted to “Batang AIR”-an.

I would like to ask, “Why this double difference in their standard?” I believe (and I understand a belief can be a delusion, which means false firm belief) there are certain disagreeable personas within the world of media, just like the “real world” (I mean world outside media, the community, the people, schools, families, governments etc.) there are bickering, disagreement, and difference in views.

The things the two “schools of thought” may agree upon are: (1) Batang AI/AIR is located in Sarawak; (2) Batang AI/AIR is a constituency; (3) There was recently an election there won by one of the ruling government party components. ;)

If I am to choose between Batang AI/AIR. I would say I am a pro-BerNama one. ;) Notice the bold letters? :D Yes, I am that one, although a very disappointed type one. :D Just say if I were a foreigner, it doesn’t matter if it is Batang AI or Batang AIR, the sound will be almost the same, right. Please, let me have this one vanity of thinking I have an okay English. ;) Someone (very educated, to my distaste) said there is different phonetic-blahblahblah and I said, “Go to hell!” (in my mind of course.) :D

Since I am not a Sarawakian, someone should shout at me, “Mind your own business, you non-citizen (of Sarawak)!” (very polite, don’t you think?) or “Keep your mouth shut! You pig-eater!” (very unflattering but frankly, I do not eat pig!) or “Ceased to exist! You bastard!” (My birthright is not in doubt and well documented, thank you.) or “Shuddup! You ignorant dog!” (Sigh, people always misunderstand me...). ;)

Secondly (you’ll notice the first part is until before this paragraph, and a very long one that is), ;) no offense is intended to any party especially the Sarawakians (the government, non-governments, “normal” people – I wonder if there are “abnormal” people there), DeePo, Bernama and Berita Hairan Harian. ;) Have a nice day, you all and “cheeria-cheeria selalu. :D Cheers! ;)

P/S: Initially I wanted to use the title “A Tale of 2 Batangs” but discarded it in favour of the above title. ;) “Not that Batang!” (DeePo’s). :D Yes, I know dear. ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bernama. Can you make your points clearer please?

I was reading Bernama news “Guan Eng Urges PM To Adopt Six Reform Measures”. I was expecting to see a numbered or bulleted list as mentioned in the title but there was none. Perhaps Bernama just wanted to save their byte and ink (of the “media cetak”) and in the process, making my myopic eye strained harder to list the SIX points. Apology accepted of course. ;) So I’m helping them to make the points clearer. BTW, I’m as APOLITICAL as I can be. ;)

Original Title: Guan Eng Urges PM To Adopt Six Reform Measures. [Click to read.]

My arrangement: Guan Eng urges PM to adopt SIX reforms (with numbered list). ;)

PENANG: DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng is urging Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to adopt six reform measures in order to make the “One Malaysia, People First and Performace Now” concept work.

Lim’s six “urged” reform measures are:
  1. Najib must ban racial-based political parties that restrict membership to one race, such as (content omitted).
  2. Najib is hoped to walk the talk on human rights and liberties by abolishing and not review the ISA.
  3. Abolish the Sedition Act and the Printing Presses and Publications Acts to build an independent press, establish freedom of information and build a democracy responsive to people’s needs.
  4. Najib must also renew the commitment to fight corruption, “which means (content omitted).”
  5. To reduce electricity tariffs, stop the gas subsidy to the independent power producers and stop toll increase by buying over the highways to help ordinary Malaysians.
  6. To institutionalise democracy and return power to people by (content omitted).
“The PM must boldly admit that it was wrong to (content omitted),” he said. – (Modified by KY from) Bernama

No offense is intended to Bernama or anybody elses. Cheers! ;)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vote for Sipadan: New 7 Wonders of Nature

[UPDATED: 24 April 2009]

Darn! GregChai beat me for the post although I put the ad on my side post first. :) Ah, never mind, I always the later. ;) As long as someone vote for Sipadan, who cares? Right! So, bravo to Greg for besting me. ;)

So, I just want to contribute a little. If you want to put side Ad like mine:
  1. Open your page element (yep, the one you use to edit your layout, if you still blur, just click on the customize button above)
  2. Add a gadget.
  3. Choose HTML/Java Script.
  4. Then copy these code below and paste them in the content, don't forget the title (you can put whatever your heart's content).
  5. Click save and voila, you have a self made ad. ;)

The code:
<a href="" target="_blank"> <img style="width: 200px;" alt="Vote Sipadan for New 7 Wonders of Nature" src="" title="Vote Sipadan for New 7 Wonders of Nature" /> </a>

If you want to have EXACTLY like mine with the blinking Breaking News as well, just copy the following code and paste it after the code above. ;)

The code2:
You can do more. Click <a href=""><b>here</b></a> to learn how to put ad like this.
<b><u><blink>Breaking news</blink></u> (Apr 20, 2009):</b>
Sipadan is currently no. 14 out of 30 (up from no. 17 last week) in Group B category (Islands). [<a href="">Source</a>] We need to be at least no. 11 to go to next round. Guys, use all your emails to vote for Sipadan. Let us put Malaysia in New 7 wonders of Nature!
Cheers! ;)

You'll need to update your ad weekly. Sorry, still don't how to automated the position number. Have a nice day, you all. Cheers! ;)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Mathematics of Love

While this is not a book review of Emma Darwin's novel "The Mathematics of Love", I supposed I should spare few words about it. ED writes about the "adventure" of Anna, a 15-year-old who "travels back" to 161 years back through a "portal" in a wardrobe with false back (Suspiciously sounds like a story from another fantasy series? Not quite!). ;) Ah, you should read it yourself because I have deliberately misled you from the real story. ;)

Where was I? Oh, yes, the math of love, people often say there's NO such thing as Math of Love. Love is subjective, thus it cannot be quantified, or objectified. Does it really? Quite a number of scientists have already venture into mathematics (especially, statistic) to define love, or subjects related to love (marriage, relationships, sex (!), etc.) and some researches even reveal surprising findings. Here are a few of the findings:

Secs' Appeal: 8.2 seconds 'needed to fall in love'

I have already stare you for about 8.2 seconds. Does that mean I have fallen for you?The longer a man's gaze rests on a woman when they meet for the first time, the more interested he is.

If it last just four seconds, he may not be all that impressed. But if it breaks the 8.2 second barrier, he could already be in love they say.

However the same is not true for women. They let their eyes linger on men for the same length of time whether they find them attractive or not.

[Read more...]

Math Formula to Predict Divorce

A mathematician has devised a formula to predict whether loved-up couples are bound to spend their lives together or end their marriages in divorce.

Oxford University professor James Murray said his formula successfully predicted whether a couple would divorce 94 percent of the time, in a study of 700 newly-married couples.

"Some couples might as well get divorced right away," said Murray, who was to present his findings to the Royal Society in London on Thursday, after receiving one of its oldest awards.

As part of the research Murray and his team filmed the newlyweds discussing contentious issues such as money or sex for 15 minutes, and graded each statement made during their respective turns of speech.

"What astonished me was that a discussion, sometimes highly charged and emotional, could so easily and usefully be encapsulated in what is actually a simple mathematical model of a couple's interaction," Murray said.

[Read the full news here.]

It appears that psychologist John Gottman might have contributed to Prof Murray's finding. [Read the story here.]

Post-Script: Math & Sex anyone? And I mean the book by Dr Clio Cresswell one (and yes, she explains about "The calculus of Coitus" in the book), not the Math-prodigy-turn-hooker-story.

Another interesting news article titled "The Myth, the Math, the Sex" gives statistic (mathematical prove?) that men are generally are promiscuous by nature by admitting to having more sexual partners than women. Click on the link to read more.