Saturday, April 18, 2009

Men and Kotex

Ask any man, “Will you wear Kotex (pad, not tampon)? ;) If yes for what reason?”

Most will raise their eyebrows, few will say no straight away, some will still say no after thinking for sometime, while the rest will say yes. Let me list my guess of the possible reasons:
  1. For RM100, or more. (With wicked chuckle.)
  2. To prove my “manliness” if challenged. (Flexing his biceps and twitching his pectorialis (chest muscles). I am sure had I let him he’ll sure to demonstrate his little brother’s muscle strength as well.) :D
  3. To satisfy my fetish-ness. (Eyeing me up and down in admiring/appreciative/discomforting way.) ;)
  4. Only in emergency if my (elderly) pampers out of stock. (Looked apologetic and embarrassed.)
  5. For temporary fixing if the right tool is not readily available e.g. as substitute for bandage. (Business-like and no nonsense facial expression looking at me.)
  6. If necessary and for practical purposes. No, not like no. 5. This one you can wear it even if there is other available tool around. For example, if I had abnormal discharge from my anus, I could wear big pampers but Kotex pad is much more, er, of compact size and comfortable to wear, not to mention it absorbs certain amount of liquid, and it doesn’t really show on the outside. ;)
I am listing this for my beloved (brotherly) ones so you don’t need to feel ashamed of wearing one if you have to. Yes. I may tease you, even laugh at you, but that is because you are family who I am fond of, not because I want to demean you. ;)

BTW, I have exhausted my 3 lbs brain. If you think I have missed anything please feel free to tell me. I’ll add your “reasons” on top of the SIX above, credit will be yours of course. ;)

No offense to these people:
  1. Any male human (or his spouse) who wears Kotex pad;
  2. Or the companies that produce pad especially Kotex, and other non-Kotex companies (for not being mentioned);
  3. Or any male who wears tampon (for being ignored in my post) for whatever voluntary reason. :D
Now if I may ask, "Do you wear pantyliner?" :D

Have a nice day and cheeria-cheeria selalu. Cheers! ;)


DeePo said...

pad is acceptable is men really wear it..but tampon??

just wonder how they going to use it? where to put (insert?)...haha

KY Chua said...

Thus, the "apology". ;) Mana tau someone from that group take offense. :D