Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Intention to ... kill her (Although she was stabbed 8 times)

Jamaludin Saripudin, 31, accused of murdering a nine-year-old schoolgirl, after raping her.Daily Express today published news coverage of a high court murder trial of Jamaludin Saripudin, 31, who was accused of murdering a nine-year-old schoolgirl, after raping her, titled 'No intention to rape and kill girl, 9'. He serves a 20 year jail term plus 24 strokes of the cane for the rape.

On Wednesday (Apr 15), he told the court that he remembered stabbing a little girl with a knife five years ago but had NO INTENTION TO RAPE AND KILL THE GIRL. Apart from that he claimed it was ALL BECAUSE OF he was high on Syabu.

Perhaps we should put the event in chronological order:

28 hours before murderTook Syabu for 2 to 4 hours at friend's house.
4 hours before murderReturned home. He was "normal but high on Syabu". But was able to take bath and changed clothes.
3 1/2 hours before murderLeft home, said he wanted to go to the city. He remembered wearing a long-sleeve grey T-shirt, a singlet underneath the T-shirt, a pair of light blue jeans and a pair of black shoes. Apart from that, he also brought along a knife which he kept in a black bag, a cloth face mask and a white mask.
1 hour before murderA 9-year-old schoolgirl was taken into the roadside bush, he stabbed her once, the girl screamed, he BECAME SCARED, since he said earlier he had NO INTENTION TO RAPE AND KILL THE GIRL, so the rape must have taken place after the first stab or in between the interval of further SEVEN stabbings.
1/2 hour before murderWitnesses saw the accused walked out of the roadside bush, adjusting his jeans. Not only that, they heard a girl's voice called out "Mama". The witnesses were threatened and forced to flee. [Read here]
Post murderAccused drop a mask and a black bag somewhere.
10-11 hours post murderAccused was apprehended.

I just want to know:
(1) Why brought "a knife which he kept in a black bag, a cloth face mask and a white mask" to the city?
(2) Why pushed the girl into the bush?
(3) Why stabbed her?
(4) Why raped her?
(5) Why stabbed her SEVEN more times?
(6) According to witnesses, the girl might still be alive when they saw the accused. So, why left her to death?

Yeah, yeah! He told us already. He said he was HIGH ON SYABU! I say may he ROT IN HELL! And if Syabu has anything to contribute to his crime, I say, may all the DRUG dealers be put to death, just make it especially the SYABU dealers! Do you know here is one of the cases a case that is so saturated of my Most Hated Crimes?


Uncle Lee said...

Hello KY Chua, first time I read of the word, 'syabu'? Some kind of drug stimulant?
24 strokes of the cane! Thats one thing I like about Asian he will have scars on his back for life to remind him of that horrible crime.
Its a wonder he was not hanged. Lee.

KY Chua said...

Lee, He is undergoing murder trial, if convicted, will get mandatory death sentence.

BTW, he is a HABITUAL criminals, has been in and out of prisons for other crimes. So, I don't know if the scars will make him repents his crimes. However, I believe if he is to be put to death, he will definitely try to make peace with God.

Yes, syabu is a type of drug stimulant, also known as methamphetamine or simply meth. Very famous in certain nightclubs.