Thursday, April 30, 2009


Should I tell her or not? Hmm. Nope! Can’t bear the embarrassment. :D

The other day I got a “frantic” SMS from my “potential” GF. :D Said she was stranded somewhere. So I asked her if she’s alone and if she’s still there. She said she’s with her sis (half relieved already) and they “WERE” waiting for cab.

I didn’t ask further, borrowed my uncle’s car and drove straight to her place. En route there I SMSed her to wait for me. No respond after 5 minutes. I was getting worrier (I was worried already.)

Drove top speed and reached the place but no one was there. I was worried sick! Called her hand phone, no reply. Then suddenly, she SMSed, “I'm at home. Where are you?”

I SMSed back, “Oh, I thought you’re stranded here!”

“No! I said we WERE stranded. Now, where are you?”


“Good night then.”

“Good night.”

Ah, just another boring story. Well, at least she’s safe. :D


Uncle Lee said...

Hi KY Chua, ha ha, communicating and miscommunication.
I do not have a h/phone nor familiar with texting or SMS.
Guess I am wayyyy behnd times, ha ha.
Have fun, best regards, Lee.

DeePo said...

potential GF? hahaha....tell la...apa pula malu2

Chandelier said...

hur....wat does it mean by "potential"? still not confirm?? then must work hard oh! :)

KY Chua said...

Mr Lee, TQ. If you can make good story on blog (web-log) you're wayyyy ahead than most people. ;)

KY Chua said...

DeePo, haha. It's the nature of (certain) man. ;) Too egoistic to admit I care in front of her. :D Besides, she will laugh. :D

KY Chua said...

Chandelier, potential as in she may dump me anytime. :D Not that I expect it will happen any time sooner (or ever). :P Just keep my expectation not too high. ;) Have a nice day. :)

KY Chua said...

(or ever, hopefully) ;)

日月神教-任我行 said...
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