Saturday, May 2, 2009

No More Foreign Workers for Service Sectors

[Warning: This is a hearsay. Unless someone tell me it's official then I'll remove this heading.]

"TAWAU: Employers who are applying to hire foreign workers are told to forget their intention apply for local workers instead. This is because the Labour Department (Tawau) will no longer issue the letter of certification confirming the utilisation of JCS (Job Clearing System) for employers in service sectors and thus denied them the permission to recruit foreign workers."

The letter of confirmation on JCS utilization is only one of the requirements for recruiting foreign workers. To understand more, please read this news article.

What is considered Service Sectors? This is taken from handouts from Immigration Department.
Restoran / Kedai Kopi
Pemborong & Pembekal
Kontraktor yang tidak mempunyai Lesen CIDB
Perniagaan yang tidak mempunyai Lesen Pengilang
Rumah Kebajikan (Levi RM600)
Pulau Peranginan (yang digazet sebagai Pulau / Pusat Peranginan)
Recycle (Barangan Logam, Lusuh, terpakai)
Pencucian & Pembersihan (Hanya bagi yang mempunyai Tender)
Rumah Ibadah (Tokong / Gereja bagi Tukang Kebun)

However, the source didn’t specify whether all or only certain service sectors are involved in the decision (not to issue letter of confirmation).

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