Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beauty is in the Eye of Beholder

Promised to write a post about beauty but never got quality time to draft. (Alasan!) ;) Presenting you this video, old news but always refreshing to watch.

Check her full singing [here]. (More than 59 million views)

Latest news: ['Britain's Got Talent' starts semi-finals with Susan Boyle leading the pack]

Interesting news excerpt: "By Douglas Wight, 10/05/2009
SUSAN Boyle turned down the chance of a dream dinner date with President Barack Obama in Washington . . . to stay at home and wash her hair, we can reveal." Read more [here].

Beauty is everywhere. You only have to look for it. Cheers! ;)


MariaFaizal said...

Isn't she amazing?

My favourite video(during her audition) showing all the elements of how humans can be very judgemental based on just physical look (note: rolling eyes,the smirk etc).

And,the moment she started singing all those above were blown away and you could c that clearly as well!

KY Chua said...

Agreed, she's truly amazing, and very down to earth too, and comical, and... so many qualities... ;) said...

she is just great!
when she started singing, i had goosebumps! haha..
she is simply amazing..
the voice is so nice! =D

D.L Sumunie said...

I had watched this video before you posted it here and I agree with maria.

She has an amazing voice!

KY Chua said... Agreed! I didn't have goosebumps. But my eyes felt funny. Hahaha. Guess I had "hormonal imbalance". ;)

Sumunie: I've watched the videos many time over too. :D Guess I'm a fan of hers now. Hahaha. ;)

C.Alv.B said...

Dont judge the books by its cover..and Susan is amazing..

KY Chua said...

C.Alv.B: Welcome! :D It's the nature of us (mine too unfortunately) to judge by the first sight (or impression?). ;) But learning (and relearning) to "Hold on please! Judge later!" attitude. Have a nice day. ;)