Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not a Perakian but...

Watched NTV7 7PM news the other day about Courtroom bickering regarding who the "real" Perak's Menteri Besar should be. NTV news gave these two lists (provided by the respective counsel) for comparison:

NTV7: On why DS Nizar should be MB?
  1. DUN not yet dissolved.
  2. He has not resigned yet.
  3. No vote of "unconfidence" made towards him.
NTV7: On why DDr Zambry should be MB?
  1. Forgotten. Too long to be committed into my poor memory...
  2. Forgotten. Too long to be committed into my poor memory...
  3. Forgotten. Too long to be committed into my poor memory...
Basically, what NTV7 news tried to explain, I think, was (from various other sources):
  1. PR had 28 ADUNs, BN had 28 ADUNs, the 3 Bebas were “partiless” BN supporters.
  2. DS Nizar didn't gain the confidence of the majority, because [repeat no. 1].
  3. The Sultan "expected" DS Nizar to resign, because [repeat no. 2].
  4. The Sultan had chosen another to be MB, so [repeat no. 3].
  5. It was considered disloyalty not to resign because [repeat no. 4].
Why can't NTV7 make simple person like me to understand? :D Ah, perhaps I'm plain stupid, not to mention demented! Of course, how could I NOT realize that?! ;)

BTW, where's the “Against the Constitution” part? *blur* :S Ah, perhaps it was hidden in the “forgotten” part...
Probably unrelated news:
Perak’s day of infamy and bedlam
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What does the standoff in Perak mean?

[UPDATED May 11, 2009] High Court ruled DS Nizar was real MB but DDr Zambry could appeal.

[UPDATED May 12, 2009] DDr Zambry succeeded in appealing for a stay on the High Court rule in his favour. So DS Nizar may become unreal MB?


Uncle Lee said...

Hi KY Chua, can see you have interest in politics.
Not me..I steer clear of these people.
But will vote when time comes.

But I do regret to hear that till today the politicians where you are keep harping on race issues.
They should come to Toronto...127 Nationalities all living as Canadians.
Everyone is a Canadian, and with equal rights.

The head of Canada is a Governor General who is a Black lady. Our PM reports to her.
Some years back, the Big Chief of Toronto's 7300 police force was a Chinese lady.

Here it is against the law if seeking employment, and being asked for marital status, age and nationality.
We have lots of Muslims here, and they shop at Chinese Supermarkets...
where there's no 'halal words being displayed.
But of course in the meat section the meats are named.

Something we have here that you don't have is 'Freedom of the press'.
And God help the politician if he brings up Race issues or controversial issues.
The public, the press will go downtown on him in the papers. And any misdeeds, he or she steps down, no 2 ways.
And none of our politicians own a BMW or sit in a Mercedes.
Only the PM has police escort.

Our Mayor sometimes takes the bus or subway to work. No police escorts whatever.
As we say here, 'I am a Canadian'.
You have a pleasant weekend, best regards, Lee.

KY Chua said...

Mr Lee, your points are taken. :D Thanks for reprimanding me. ;)

The post was intended to be apolitical, just to jest about, ahem, my inability to understand about the mentioned NTV7 news. Well, the result of my post certainly can be perceived as political. Sorry for that. ;)

Malaysia certainly can learn few things from Canada. Here, if I say (to another Malaysian), "I am a Malaysian." Most will just shrug as if I am just an insignificance or of no importance, while few will raise their eyebrows.

Thank you for your comment, and the additional knowledge, I am so katak bawah tempurung (literally, frog under coconut shell, meaning ignorant...) :D

Mr Lee, you have a nice day too. ;)

日月神教-任我行 said...
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