Friday, May 22, 2009

Instant Millionaire, Instant Criminal

Read the news [Police hunt couple fleeing bank error].

Excerpt: "SYDNEY (Reuters) - New Zealand police have launched an international search for a couple who fled with millions of dollars after NZ$10 million (US$6.05 million) was accidentally deposited into their bank account."

My reaction:
1. How could you accidentally give someone NZ$10 million?
2. How could a highly secured and advanced banking system "make" a mistake?
3. The couple must be very quick on their foot (to flee) and mind (to take advantage). :D
4. Wow! They have become instant millionaire!
5. Wow! Now they become criminal (instantly after become millionaire). :D


The bank says the mistake was the result of human error and not a systems problem. It is pursuing criminal and civil action to recover the money and reviewing procedures.

Earlier this year a Pennsylvania couple withdrew more than $175,000 that had been mistakenly placed in their account after a bank error.

Randy Pratt, 50, and wife Melissa, 36, withdrew the money, quit their jobs and ran off to Florida before being caught. Randy said he thought the money was "a gift from God".

Westpac says the account holder tried to transfer about NZ$6.7 million out of the account but NZ$2.8 million was recovered, leaving the thieves with NZ$3.8 million.

Meanwhile, police say "two individuals of interest to the inquiry have left New Zealand and are believed to have travelled to Hong Kong. Enquiries to locate those individuals are continuing through Interpol in Hong Kong and official channels in Beijing."


reanaclaire said...

like that also can ah... whose fault? hahaa... give u one million also dare not run la.. will u? let us know about the latest updates and follow up of the couple, can? me very busybody one... hahaha

MariaFaizal said...

Honestly the authorities & the Bank do NOT have the right to detain the couple as the mistake was done by the Bank.No fraud or stealing $$$ involved.Even if the couple refuse to return the fund mistakenly deposited into their acc,no right to detain them.Period!

AngeL BeaR said...

I wud run also lar...hahahahahahaha

DeePo said...

cant blame the couple.....anyone would do the same....hehe

DeePo said..., that bank also stupid...hahaha

KY Chua said...


Whose fault? Dunno. No one was admitting mistake. :D
Will I run if I got 1,000,000? Maybe not. I'm "good" person mah. Hahaha. ;) But maybe if it's 2 million! I'm greedy mah. Hahahaha. :P
Latest update on the couple? From other source, seem they fled to China (no confirmation though). How they'll hide the money still yet to be seen.


"Banking ombudsman (said) ... that generally it was a criminal offence for people to spend money that was accidentally put into their bank account if they knew it did not belong to them."

Dunno why they use the word "generally". Perhaps there are "special" cases that considered "lawful" to spend the "riches from heaven", no? :D

Angel Bear:

Hello Angel, ;) running appears to be our first choice. Hahaha. ;)

KY Chua said...


Seem you commented while I was replying Reanaclaire, Maria/Faizal & Angel Bear. :D Anyway, like I mentioned to Angel Bear, running away maybe our first choice, so what to blame, right? ;) Your "stupid bank" was precisely like my initial reaction. ;) You have a nice day.