Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Helping Hand? Don't Think So.

Excerpt from Reuters

BEIJING - A Chinese man was pushed off a bridge by an angry passer-by after his threat to commit suicide held up traffic for five hours, Chinese media reported on Saturday.

Retired soldier Lian Jiansheng, 66, broke through a police cordon and reached out to shake the hand of would-be jumper Chen Fuchao before shoving him off the bridge.

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My thinking:
1. Wow! The would-be "suicider" accepted handshake from "fans"! Is that for real???
2. If a "suicider" needed pushing it means that he was not really into suicide.
3. Why after FIVE HOURS no angry passer-by cheer, "Woi! Why don't you jump ahead and "ease" your life (and ours)!"?
4. Oh, ya. The title is inspired from the same news, at the end, (I misquoted) "Lian gave Chen a helping hand".


D.L Sumunie said...

Just like acting in a movie..he he

reanaclaire said...

wow.the chinaman so "ngow".. daring... i mean the one who pushed not the one who got pushed.. he must be real mad at the 5 hour delay!

MariaFaizal said...

Won't the policeman be charged as murdering the 'attempted - suicider' now? Just wondering...

Good.Girl.Herself™ said...

Its like "oh cut the crap and get this over with will you!" and *push*. Really a helping hand. If the man wants to change his mind about killing himself, he could have done it 5 hours ago.

KY Chua said...

D.L Sumunie: Precisely just like in the movie. But I forgot which movie... :D


reanaclaire: I think the more appropriate word is "maddest". Haha. ;)


MariaFaizal: There's no doubt that he would be prosecuted if he murdered (or "helping") the "suicider". But then, the "suicider" survived the fall. I think it'll depend on the police/prosecutor/judge to er, judge. :D


Good.Girl.Herself™: Sue, can't argue with you there. :D The "suicider" must be half-hearted in trying to commit suicide. :P said...

haha.. certainly need a helping hand..
he's certainly wasting people's time.. lol..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi KYCHUA, ha ha...that is an interesting story. But I guess that person who pushed other man will not be charged for murder?
But 5 hours sure too long. Guess the police no ideas to help. Lee.

KY Chua said... Ken, wasting time, yes? Helping hand, yes. But I mean other type of helping. Hahaha. ;)


Uncle Lee: Lee, thank you for dropping by. :) I'm not a law geek, so I don't know if attempting to kill one's self (or to give a "helping hand") is crime or not in China. Haha. BTW, check my depression post at the "Selected Post". ;) And of course, I think the police didn't know what to do either. Hahaha. :P