Sunday, May 24, 2009

Real Man Has Beard - Duh! :D

My favourite Pix:

A. Samad Said ;)
Sasterawan Negara (1986)
SEA Write Award Winner (1979)
His Facebook
He's in [Wikipedia] (Malay lingo)


MariaFaizal said...

My man doesn't have beard.
He gave me a pair of offsprings already :D

KY Chua said...

Maria/Faizal: Hahaha. Not really! Actually spotted this in today's Bulletin 1.30PM, the news caster said something like: "It is said that real man has beard."

So, I just replied, "Duh!" :D

BTW, most "unbearded" and/or "hairy-less" man are sexy. Your man must be a very sexy one. ;) Hahaha.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello KY Chua, I did kept a moustache, several times infact, but my wife says I look like a Chinese Triad or Mafia, ha ha.
And she'll kill me if I keep a beard, look like Fu Man Chu.
Have a nice day, Lee.

MariaFaizal said...

My man is the most flawless one :P
No waxing/shaving what-so-ever required..ha ha..

eugene said...

cant stand the long bear,may be it signifies wisdom and intelligence, i really dont know?

KY Chua said...

Uncle Lee: Lee, the triad part was funny. Hahaha. I like the Fu Man Chu's beard (wasn't it supposed to be moustache) even more. ;)


Maria/Faizal: Perhaps he is not only "flawless", but "hairless" as well, no? :D

Jesting only. ;)


eugene: Hahaha. Agree with you there. Okay, not really, I can stand if it is "manageable" but unlike in the video one, short and "unscrambled" is okay with me.

I had the honour to attend an event that guested A. Samad Said. I remember my focus kept interrupted when he made a speech. Probably due to not enough sleep. :D BTW, he is cool. ;) said...

haha..cute beard.. =)

KY Chua said... Ken, did you just type "cute beard"? Hahahaha. I would say, "Wow! Ken sure has an artistic sense of humour." ;)

floyd said...

KY, i've lost interest remarkably on the bearded man here when he let 'somepeople' made use of him as a tool to have a go at the G for the "teaching Math/Science" in English.

KY Chua said...

Floyd, same here with me. :D I should say, he was cool. ;)