Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bernama. Can you make your points clearer please?

I was reading Bernama news “Guan Eng Urges PM To Adopt Six Reform Measures”. I was expecting to see a numbered or bulleted list as mentioned in the title but there was none. Perhaps Bernama just wanted to save their byte and ink (of the “media cetak”) and in the process, making my myopic eye strained harder to list the SIX points. Apology accepted of course. ;) So I’m helping them to make the points clearer. BTW, I’m as APOLITICAL as I can be. ;)

Original Title: Guan Eng Urges PM To Adopt Six Reform Measures. [Click to read.]

My arrangement: Guan Eng urges PM to adopt SIX reforms (with numbered list). ;)

PENANG: DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng is urging Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to adopt six reform measures in order to make the “One Malaysia, People First and Performace Now” concept work.

Lim’s six “urged” reform measures are:
  1. Najib must ban racial-based political parties that restrict membership to one race, such as (content omitted).
  2. Najib is hoped to walk the talk on human rights and liberties by abolishing and not review the ISA.
  3. Abolish the Sedition Act and the Printing Presses and Publications Acts to build an independent press, establish freedom of information and build a democracy responsive to people’s needs.
  4. Najib must also renew the commitment to fight corruption, “which means (content omitted).”
  5. To reduce electricity tariffs, stop the gas subsidy to the independent power producers and stop toll increase by buying over the highways to help ordinary Malaysians.
  6. To institutionalise democracy and return power to people by (content omitted).
“The PM must boldly admit that it was wrong to (content omitted),” he said. – (Modified by KY from) Bernama

No offense is intended to Bernama or anybody elses. Cheers! ;)


DeePo said...

msian politicians say the darnedest things..hahahahhahahaha

KY Chua said...

I am apolitical dear. ;)