Monday, April 20, 2009

Penrose Sudoku, anyone?

Almost like the normal sudoku, this one got 8 column/row equivalent, if you're able to see it, that is. :D

First published by Onigame I think. You can check the original post here.


The rules are pretty much same as a normal sudoku. Fill in the cells with numbers 1-8 so that every region contains all numbers 1-8, every row contains all numbers 1-8, and all columns contain all numbers 1-8.

The only catch is that "rows" and "columns" zigzag a bit using 5-way symmetry.

A good way to think about it goes like this. Imagine trying to figure out what a "row" is in a normal sudoku. You start with a cell on an edge. Imaging "entering" that edge and exiting out the other edge parallel to that; you'll get the next cell in the row. Now continue across and exit across the next edge parallel to that, and you get the next cell in the row. Eventually, after crossing a series of cell-edge-cell-edge (where all the edges you cross are parallel), you'll exit out the other side. That's what a "row" is.

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