Thursday, January 15, 2009

Most hated crimes (offhand list)

My friend asked me what is my most hated "thingy". I did not have one hated thing, I have a few... But on top of them are crimes (which is not a "thing," I think). Here is my offhand list:

  1. Rape (I must say this is my most hated crime; especially the "non-consensual" [My personal opinion: life sentence or death penalty is a fitting punishment to these people, there are too dangerous to live in the community]; to a lesser degree: "consensual" but irresponsible e.g. underage "consensual" rape...)
  2. Abuse and/or taking advantage of children, women, mentally-challenged, disabled, elderly, unfortunate ones etc.
  3. Killing of the innocents & the weak ones (either purposely, accidentally, or by ignorance; this includes terrorism.)
  4. Snatch thief (I don't know why but news of these gritted on my teeth.)
  5. Drug dealers (even more if they know they are ruining the addicts' life but they do not care.)
  6. Irresponsible sexual behaviour (transmitting STDs (sexually transmitted disease), ruining happy families etc.) No, I do not mean adultery, although I do not approve of it. ;)


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