Wednesday, January 21, 2009

(Sleepless night of the) Living Dead (edited)

Bernama reported a politician cited a case of a person:
(1) declared dead in 2001 (but actually still alive)
(2) was allowed to vote in 2004 (speaking of ghost voter, he was dead for God sake!) ;) [Edited: Ah, the actual term is "phantom voter."]
(3) was notified about his “death” in 2007
(4) was not allowed to vote in 2008
(5) and as of 2009, still a living dead…

The alleged "crooks":
NRD (for, er, what was that, 'irregularities in the registration exercise'?)
EC (for allowing a 'ghost voter' to vote in 2004)

That person must have sleepless night...

--Cheers :)

Edited on Jan 22, 2009.

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