Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Taken out of context!

Web-define "context" (define context in google):
  1. discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation.
  2. the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event; "the historical context.
Web-define "text" (define text in google):
  1. the words of something written (simple).
  2. any expressive work (artistic or otherwise) that can be "read", whether it uses words, images, or sounds.
Web-define "taken out of context":
  1. A use phrased by countless politicians, celebrities, and television/radio hosts to justify any stupid thing they ever say. While occasionally something is taken out of context, it is mostly ridiculous. [Source: Urban Dictionary] (Italic is mine ;))
My definition:
  1. Text is the word written/spoken.
  2. Context is the meaning, or rather, the interpretation of the phrases of texts.
  3. "Taken out of context" means the text/s has/have been (allegedly?) misinterpreted!
I remember watching TV3 news about a politician just released from, er, some difficulty (I agree it's an understatement) ;). I was shocked with some of her comments/announcement. To simplify:
  1. Text is “the food is worse, er, maybe similar to dog food”. What was it about? "There was one day they gave me two boiled eggs for lunch; two boiled eggs for dinner, and some kuah, ... and some cucumber..."
  2. Context is “I can tell the food is worse, er, maybe similar to dog food”. Wait! Did I just repeat that?
  3. "Taken out of context":
  • Perhaps all the people in there were served food similar with dog food!
  • Perhaps the people in there were treated like dogs!
  • Perhaps only she was served food similar to dog food.
  • Perhaps she was treated like dog.
Justification (trying to read between the lines):
  1. She sincerely meant it.
  2. She just want people to know the food in there is "amat teruk sekali" (very bad)!
  3. It was all for publicity.
  4. Few former "inmates" did back/support her claim.
  5. And, she wants the authority to acknowledge their oversight and act towards improvement, or better yet, fire them all and appoint the less corrupted authority for that facility!
My attempt to take her text out of context:
  1. She equated "two boiled eggs for lunch... (and) dinner" to "worse... (or) similar to dog food"
  2. She must be filthy rich or ignorant to be able to make such claim!
  3. She must have never seen who, day and night, has to eat such half-a-"dog food" (because they couldn't afford more "dog food").
  4. Of course, who are those people outside anyway? The people inside was more important because they might be able to change the world!
But if she only did it for others and not for herself (which I doubt), I salute her for sacrificing her reputation just to help others. And I love her like a family. Hey, only family can scold a family.

--Cheers ;)

P/S: BTW, since there's no name, why don't you all just close your eyes and pretend I don't exist. ;)
P/S2: I am emotional? Nooo! I refuse to acknowledge that accusation... ;)

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