Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Eclipsed Chinese New Year (Literally!)

No, I didn't mean to write about CNY during these financial difficulty... Daily Express (Jan 13, 2009) reported "Over 75pc solar eclipse in Sabah on Jan 26." I tried to find the news from the archive but there was nowhere to be found. A quick check on Angkasa website confirms the news though. According to Angkasa, the eclipse is "annular" type (ring of fire?). Here is link to a pdf file for slightly more detail (route and time) about the eclipse.

You (especially Sabahan) might want to check on this site.

Please take caution when viewing solar eclipse! DON'T look directly at the eclipse (can cause retinal burn or blindness). Check on the pdf file for safe viewing.

BTW, Happy Chinese New Year to all. Will be out of touch in a while. ;)


DeePo said...

wohh...couldnt have the chance to see it that's been raining everyday in kuching...hepi CNY...hong pau na lai

KY Chua said...

Me so miskin... BTW, I'm not, er, how to say, not eligible to give angpow... ;) Don't tell anyone... :D