Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hit two birds with one stone (Edited)

Tun call for boycotting all US product, Pak Lah call for buying Malaysian product. Me?
  1. Go to Petronas instead of Shell.
  2. Buy burgers (Ramli) at the Giant instead of McD (much cheaper.)
  3. Drink "I forgot what name but carbonated drink Malaysian made" instead of Coca-Cola (also cheaper.) [Edited: Ah, now I remember, the name is Kickapoo; there is another one, Glokal. Recently, I tried Tambunan Food Industries' (or simply TFI) Cola, nice!]
  4. Use OpenOffice.org instead of MS Office. ;) (It's free!) [Edited: That is definitely not Malaysian made! Ah well, suppose I relate you a story I heard from a friend, who heard from someone else:- It was during a campaign election that an ugly rumor about "money gift/politic" by the certain politician was spread; the political rival then made a comment, "Orang memberi kita menerima, tapi waktu mengundi pangkah kami." (People give we accept, but still vote for us.) The point is, even if it is US' made, if it's free take it all! ;) ]
  5. Eat authentic nasi ayam instead of Nasi Ayam KFC!
  6. Will update list later. ;) [Edited: OK, I'm really dumb, can't think of anything else to add.] ;)

P/S: No offense intended to all. Just a sarcastic comment from irritation. ;)
P/S2: BTW, what's the point of boycotting "US" product when it's actually "Asean" product. Why not suggest all the local "US" franchises to state their "stand on terrorism" and donate a certain percentage from their profit for the good of humankind (e.g. helping war victims.)?

Edited on Feb 02, 2009.

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