Monday, January 19, 2009

My freeware list (edited)

I'm listing the freewares I'm using:
  1. Mozilla Firefox (internet browser)
  2. Feedreader (RSS reader)
  3. Bitcomet (Bitorrent client; I'm using it to download from YouTube)
  4. AVG Free (Antivirus)
  5. Spybot Search & Destroy (Anti-spyware)
  6. Download Accelerator Plus (For smooth downloading)
  7. MagicISO & MagicDisc (For image mounting; CD burning)
  8. (Alternative to MS Office; have to relearn several tricks)
  9. WinAmp (Audio/Video player)
  10. DivX (Video/Audio player)
  11. Audacity (Audio editing)
  12. Process Explorer (A bit complicated to explain; function to trace program run by other program)
  13. Google Earth (cool mapping tool)
  14. Adobe Acrobat Reader (reading pdf file)
Just in case, if you happened to peek in here, there's more from nedwolf. I only provide link for Download Accelerator Plus & MagicISO & MagicDisc & DivX because others can be found from nedwolf, or you can just google them. What (else aside from above) do you use?

Edited on Jan 20, 2009.

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