Saturday, February 7, 2009

Belated Post: CNY and others...

Pix numbers are from left to right.

Pix 1-3: CNY's eve. Family gathering.

Pix 4: My niece, Amber, 5 months old. Pix 5: CNY morning, Amber before bath time (with her parents Henry & Racheal). Pix 6: Amber in her CNY new dress. Pix 7: My 婆婆 popo (grandma).

Pix 8-9: Cousins, still single. ;) Pix 10: My 姑姑 gugu (aunt, father's sister).

I forgot the Jan 28, 2009 event's name. Something to do with award for academic excellence I think. Pix 11: My parents at the backseat. Pix 12: (Pix not clear) MP of Kota Belud, YB Dato' Abdul Rahman Dahlan, giving speech. One of the guest said he was 'chang chi' (long-winded). ;) Pix 13: YB giving interview regarding Najib's statement on "Wing issues" but not shown on TV or newspaper. His 'long-winded' explanation can be simplified as, "No comment!" ;) (No offense to YB because I know he does have a blog) :) Pix 14: The place of the event, DODHA, SRJK (C) Chung Hwa, Kota Belud, Sabah. Pix 15-16: My two brothers were among the recepients of the award (in the form of Angpow). Pix 17: Lion dancers terrorizing the guest (especially children). ;) Pix 18: Cute girls with their no less cute instructors/teachers before their performance. ;) Pix 19: Just next door, a cafe selling 'cooling' beverages, and full of cigarette smokers (not shown). Pix 20: The sign just next to the cafe.


DeePo said...

nice la....CNY got many emm....only saw the raining for the whole week....boring cny this year...sob...sob

KY Chua said...

Actually it also rain here almost everyday. ;) CNY is for the children to have fun (angpow, friends, playing), and for the adult to cool down their head & reminisced about 'old' times (childhood, love live, evil job/colleagues/boss(!)...) :)