Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello Sunday, and Goodbye, but Stay... (We may, or may not, come again)

"Dear customer, we regret to inform you that HELLO SUNDAY promo ended on 31/12/2008. Stay with XPAX for exciting bonuses to come."
I hate to admit that I probably didn't read the whole T&C regarding Hello Sunday (and here I thought I must have!) but at least they should have told me the promo would end on the mentioned date above.

For you who don't know what I was talking about: Hello Sunday gives free talk minutes to 8pax list on Sunday based on how much credit you use the previous month (e.g. Half minute per RM1 credit usage I think). Well, perhaps it's for the best because HELL SUNDAY, sorry, HELLO SUNDAY has got few problems that irritated me. ;)
  • It was almost impossible to get info/to know how many more free minutes I'd still got.
  • Even if I did get the info, usually it was one day (or two!) too late. Hello Sunday didn't apply on days other than Sunday.
Ah, well, there are still other bonuses for me (I hope):
  1. 8PAX (lower call/SMS rate to 8pax list).
  2. Loyalty bonus (free SMSes to 8pax list).
  3. Birthday bonus (not sure, will unstrike if still got, or if someone tell me they are still exist; free call/SMS to 8pax list for 1 week starting birthday)
  4. ... ... ... (blank)
What else ha? ;)


DeePo said...

celcom mmg mcm tu mah....but i chose celcom for it's coverage especially in sarawak where mostly the kampung area only has celcom...sigh..but never mind...still loves celcom no matter what...haha

KY Chua said...

DeePo, I forgot to say, "I'm a fan of Celcom! However, Maxis is my idol!!" ;) Of course, no offense to DiGi, as my friend might say: "He's just not that into you". :D And I don't even know who are U-mobile. :)