Saturday, February 7, 2009

My RM 1 breakfast mini quest in Tawau ;)

This is actually a revisited topic titled "What can you buy with RM 1?" from GregChai's blog. :)
Please note the post was written on Nov 17, 2008. So, I wasn't able to post then (although you may tell me, "Why not post now?"). ;)

(1) (i) Mee/mihun goreng (fried noodle/vercimilli) + (ii) sambal (optional) + (iii) sup kosong + (iv) a glass of iced water at Restoran Selera Tanjung (Fajar Complex, one building with Celcom, corner site). RM1 is the price of (i); (ii), (iii) & (iv) are free.

(2) Fried rice/noodle/vercimilli from stall just outside the Kompleks Cahaya Baru (behind Maybank building) Milimewa Superstore (stall is situated at same building). Also sell few other RM1 'snack' e.g. a skewer of fish balls (6 pieces), 3 pieces of popiah, etc. Open from 9.00 AM (at the latest, I mean late, not new, may open as early as 8.00 AM) to 12 noon (at the earliest, until the food sold out).

Pix 1: The entrepreneur. Pix 2: Fried rice (RM1) and 6 pieces of fishballs (RM1). Pix 3: I like the sweet & sour & hot (spicy) & cold (the temperature) sauce so much that I took the leftover back home. ;)

I'm sure there are many more RM1 breakfast but the ones here are just my favourite. ;) Cheers!


kadazan man said...

i just checked google map and saw that marco polo hotel is still around. my friends and i used to stay there and walk over to this one big club right behind or few blocks away from it, either at jalan klinik or jalan masjid. big place with stage and dance floor. that was the time when i used to work in lahad datu and my friends would fly from all over sabah and man, did we party:) tawau was our party town. do u know if that place is still around? the only place that i know that we always went to eat was like by the park with an open air restaurant. was not impressed with the food but that's where we started our drinking sessions the off to the club. apart from that every else is a bit fuzzy. all i know i had to drag myself out from bed with massive headache the next day and drive back to lahad datu.

KY Chua said...

There are quite a few clubs around. Perhaps you mean RnB Club (previously Frequency) at Fajar, by the clue, behind Marco Polo, a few blocks from it, (maybe near) Jalan Masjid, and you said you always started from an open air restaurant, from the way you said, I'm not sure if you mean drinking session as in drinking alcoholic or not, but I know a restaurant with open air, behind Marco Polo (quite a way actually), with unimpressive food, near Jalan Masjid, only a few blocks away to the club, and the restaurant does not sell alcoholic drink. If yes, then it is likely the club is still around, assuming we are talking about the same thing. ;)

Cheers ;)

P/S: Quote: "massive headache the next day" Comment: You mean hangover? :)

KY Chua said...

I fear that my vanity had corrupted my proper respond... Now, I wonder if the club is Voxx next to the open air restaurant? ;)

GregChai said...

thanks for the info, at least now i know where to look for cheap breakfast whenever i'm in Tawau :D

KY Chua said...

You're welcome. ;)

kadazan man said...

i have to ask my friends if any of them actually remember the name of the club. if that place is still around, i'll say "damn". will definitely drop by one of these days just to check it out. the place we went for dinner was at the edge of a park or sea...something like that. "massive headache"...yes, i meant hangover:)