Thursday, March 26, 2009

Deadly Bottle

[18SX] Warning: Contains explicit terms.

A 77-year-old man died of heart failure after his penis became stuck in a soft drink bottle. [Read more...] [More detail story here although it is in Chinese. :D However you can copy & paste to Google translation tool for OK translation.]

The moral of the story:
  1. Do not use bottle to entertain yourself.
  2. Get professional advice if you wish to have sex (or masturbate) when you have heart problems or other life-threatening medical problems.
  3. Have sex with proper person (or object?), I mean with your spouse. ;)
  4. Even if you have need to masturbate, use you limb (or other appropriate paraphernalia) not bottle.
  5. Do not wait for days (even if embarrassed) if you need help. The poor guy waited for 2 days before he get help.
Cheers! ;)

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