Monday, March 16, 2009

Who is Robert Linggi?

Daily Express, March 16, 2009Elizabeth Majaham of Daily Express wrote a front page article (dated March 16, 2009) titled "Sabahan sues govt over JAC Bill." Who is this Sabahan? According to EM, he is:

1. named Robert Linggi.
2. a "member of the public...";
3. of "Kampung Singga Mata, Bingkor, Keningau"
4. "suing the Federal Government for what he claims is an infingement into his constitutional rights as a Sabahan."

All with (" ") are quoted from the article. Apart from that, he is a mystery, if we only refer to EM's article. :D Intrigued, I google the web looking up "Robert Linggi" and I find that:

1. he is a former cop (Malaysia Today);
2. he is age 64;
3. he had also filed an election petition against Election Commission (which was dismissed).

In the end, I still do not know who is Robert Linggi. Cheers! ;)


DeePo said...

robert linggi? the name is like a member of sarawak's elite family....Tun Jugah's grandson...emm...

KY Chua said...

DeePo, TQ for the info. Linggi is indeed an elite name. Well, perhaps he does have relation with other Linggis. ;) Well, whoever this Robert Linggi is, I've decided to let it rest. :D Anyway, he must be very rich to be able to hire lawyers for his two "high profile" cases. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi! my name is Robert Linggi bu I am not the Robert Linggi from the article. Anyways I was contacted by someone who was looking for this robert linggi. he said he was a classmate of his from Indonesia. if that helps...