Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is meant to be a jest. ;)

Post Harry Potter Era (Book 1): Daughter of Evil.

Arnie Potter sat at her library reading dispatch from Professor Mary Longbottom, daughter of the famous Neville Longbottom. Then she look around her guests. Sighing, she said, "She has returned."

"She-Who-Cannot-Be-Named has returned?" one of the guest, a liberated and rebellious male elf named TAYULANTA, blurted.

"Please, her name is..." Arnie snapped.

"Don't!" screamed a very imposing lady who walked in from through the door. "She is a special case. Unlike Voldemort," several people still hitched at the name, "She has cursed her name with magic we are still not familiar with. Or perhaps, someone else magicked her name so that every person mentioned her name has gone missing. That person must be a very powerful wizard or witch."

"I wish grandfather is still with us now, aunt Lily." lamented Arnie.

"Yes, I wish it is so too..." replied Lily Potter. She knew all the people there was thinking of the long dead Harry Potter, one of the greatest Wizard in the world.

P/S: If you're looking for this book. I am sorry to say there is no such Harry Potter book.

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