Monday, March 30, 2009

Honourable VS Dishonourable Debate

Honourable DebateDishonourable Debate
Main ObjectiveTo win argument/s.To win argument/s.
ApproachTo create understanding.To undermine opposition.
SettingUsually in friendly and cordial environment.Usually starts with polite conversation but may degenerate into shouting match; or end up insulting or humiliating others.
IntensionHonest.(1) May be honest at first but pride prevents acknowledgement of defeat. (2) Malicious.
DisagreementAccept differences in (point of) view even though opposition is clearly in error.Won't accept differences; or accept but with malicious intend e.g. to be used against opposition; or accept but then forgotten.
WinningWinning arguments is important but not compulsory.Winning is a must; at all cause; or by hook or by crook.
DiscussionLogical and rational, usually with compelling and clear arguments. Will concede weakness in own arguments and will allow opposition to re-clarify or re-explain their weak or erroneous arguments.Logical and rational, usually with compelling and clear arguments. However, once logic and rationale are refuted, will try evasion or manipulation of facts. And usually, if opposition gave weak or erroneous arguments it will be used against them, no quarter.
Defeated by honourable means.Will acknowledge and admit defeat.Won't accept defeat; or accept but with excuses; or simply walk away; or claim foul play by opposition.
ConclusionBoth parties will conclude who wins or accept a draw. Usually will part cordially.Dishonourable party either will always win, or they will not accept defeat even though it stares them at their face. Parting is usually not cordial or even hostile.
Defeated by dishonourable means.No comment! :D Though I guess they will concede defeat but not acknowledgement.The bigger jerk will win the "arguments". :D

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